November 9, 2010




Comming In November

November 9, 2010

In november theres alot In this New Edition Enjoy this First new Eposide Of cp tracker for the first time in months!


November Update :Alot of things are happening this month on club penguin and on this forum well lets get to it ALOT IS GOING on take a look about whats happening


Well since the picture dint wont to post alot is happening we Emailed club penguin they said the newspaper is Changeing! for the first time in 283 news Papers Also We got a youtube and recording daily live !

well thats the news Comment about what you think your doing for this


flip the clock back for alittle bit -1 Just alittle late reminder 🙂


August 25, 2009

tonight we got more history to break with cp news

New stage

the new stage Is finally out i gotta alot of stuff and it fllooded just to end the summer for alot of kids 101 days of fun is almost done About to hit 100


Go to clubpenguin and underwater


THE NEW sport catlog is soon comming to us but a great pictured surpise foot ball season has started on clubpenguin it will have cute cheerlear stuff


there is a skectchw


August 21, 2009



ITS TIME for another interview with the clubpenguin play righter! let add that right now
What inspired you about doing the costumes?
For one of them, a delicious meal I once had was the inspiration… Mmm…so tasty…

Tell us something cool about the set!
There’s an entire sea castle to climb in! And a secret shadowy sea creature in the distance.

For this play, are there treats underwater?
Well, chocolate bars tend to get a little soggy, and cotton candy is a mess…we could have tried sea salt taffy – but I’m pretty sure we didn’t.

here the picture comming along with you all

Picture 2.jpg

great picture we had tech diffculteys with the bold im sorry to say but were editing it but back to it all thats all i post next is you reviewd by you


GOOD  now up next since theres a rain bow of fun on clubpenguin please check this out!

I would write about a mermaid that is looking for lost treasure and meets a fish and a squid who join her along the way. Then when they find the treasure chest they open it up and it is just filled with chocolate coins. The mermaid, the squid, and the fish learn the treasure that counts is friendship, and the story would end by the three friends eating the chocolate coins!   thats a good one i liek it but hears a picture folowing i add

but remmber it tech diffcultys are hiting this im sorry to say now were gona add you comments soon now remmber this date  what sport are you likeing to play from with you buddys im a like to play the sno hills and remmber tomarrow is the big day!!!!!!!!!!!



party is up a bit longer (and a play!)

August 19, 2009

hey people summer is almost over for alot of kids as the schools open house dont worry were al lsad its comming but continue to check us out as were gonna post the funnys kids in each school around the nation Yehs i got it i wont post it due to its illgel with this im sorry but school is comnming up Augest 25th for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


u all have been calling clubpenguin emaailing and ETC now clubpenguin wonts to give back so dont pack those jetpacks and propperller caps not yet the party was gonna end this morning but nope Augest 18th it ended but they extended it to augest 20th open house night



SO YOU hope you got a good partty i love the party as well and guess what the stage is new at the 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yyayayayayayayyayayaayyayayay anyways til lhair goes out and i fall over This is Duenick

SIgning out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Clubpenguin AIR!

August 16, 2009

CLUBPENGUIN FINALLY HIT THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!! the member bllon rocks i see alot of people on it trying to be a driver


CLUBPENGUIN is now in the air but it started today festival of flight STARTED and mmebers get a once and a life time to go on the air to the tallest area on clubpenguin were gonna bump a picture today if possible~~i will but stay tooned and also its funny wacthing peopel throw the snoballs onthe main islands  on the iceburg~

let me know also  clubpenguin support has gave chances to play your instments in the lighthouse so go play or rock out

Flying DESIGN!

August 14, 2009

We got more on the flying update on that party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its not a Fly like bug but its a fly party its gonna be so fun THE FIRST PARTY EVER! of flying also we got uk number and Skypeing me is currently Dj-spencer1 Skype me well reply

but off that subject but soon clubpenguin will be in the Sky not on the ground but you need to help make it go to the4 building and wait cause loo kat building status see how much you do a day  but heres a preview of it all



Party and play

August 12, 2009

Ur ready for a play yes i am


there alot of things going on festival of flight

August 14 – 18 thats the day its out

Heres a picture also commign will have the clubpenguin support live number

help gary.jpg

More info on that festival of flight Comming augest 21st to clubpenguin so start tradeing your iteams thias is clubpenguin out

New catlog and frinutre results!!!!

August 8, 2009



hey you been waitingg for a catlog i like it in this catlog theres alot of voted iteams

A new color

splatter color voted by u

flight gear

Girl Flight Penguin.jpg

Now a good penguin alot the winner to that poll for the new fruniture  thr puffle the green puffle bag Won by a landslide cause you like that

reviewd by you

August 7, 2009

Reviewd by you and the club penguin comment board is fixed!

club penguin review

welcome the reviewing team  but lets get to it last week we all showd a picture of the sneek peek read it on the news paper for alot of more

Now read are review heres this weeks

My favorite Gary the Gadget Guy invention is probably the Switchbox 3000 at the Stage. It is so much fun to see what each button does in the play! I love it!

gary&switchbox.jpgHMM really good dont u think  now this weeks is Wat will you do to help gary replace those Bad windows and fix them

Another you decide

August 7, 2009

as you know school is almost around mine is to I herd Some usa school will stgart sugest 25th or 26 but im not happy to school i know your not  but last minute fun we all have saying  HELLO jail (SCHOOL ISNT JAIL its edcational place plz Be noticed of this ) now let go to your Voteing


ANOTHER your decideing which wins your votreinf for a color  now froniture lets vote

  Dinosaur Statue
Dinosaur Statue
Green Beanbag Chair
Green Beanbag Chair
Globe on Pedestal


so if you commented on club penguin tis not showing cause there off do to a major error but dont worry the;ll be back up in no time at all!



August 5, 2009

Party another summer party Thats all below in the New clubpenuigntracker news and Comments 4 well try to air them below

Snekk peeek

you wont a sneek peek! club penugin party that is bassicly  in a couple weeks

but heres a demo picture



looks good doesnt it yeh it looks liek itds at the snow forts  thats all i got but 4 comments lets READ THEM REMMBER NO SPAM OR ADVERTISING COMMENTS THE LINKS IWLL BE DISABLED!

New music and new penguin names to newest penguins

August 2, 2009

Hey everybody i got a info today music is out its kinda cool i will try to get it sent to a swf to that page soon but you must keep clicking that page!! but lets get to it


the music is now out we got a themed igloo to show you
Music Igloo.jpg

also in this music  catlog they added a bit of new songs from music jam 2009 also people have been seeing name like p9886676767 THATS BECAUSE the penguin8767888765 has t o much so invite get more they will be called something like p85767898 its not glicth or hack or bug club penguin says!!!!!

reviewd by you

July 31, 2009

Another thursday review!

Reviewd by you

another review to you happend heres thisd weeks

I dont really know. All of them are amazing!!i think it might be the live music in the lighthouse because you can hear your own music. for example you play the drums and you hear the sound of drums playing. CP ROCKS!!


yes thats true it was fun but odnt forget tomarrow its out the music from musicjam not a peaice of JAM! read the penugin news  he wonts to change alot the things under ground the windows   now this weeks questin is

What’s your favorite Gary invention – and why?

mine is the pizza game and alot of stuff


July 30, 2009

Same titles! i hope you liked music jam i did but not over yet check this story out


ok you sad its gone then go to club penguins offline page! 101 days offline you can download them usic sheets


but if u know the soudn then copy it i dont know whats it says!  i havent taken band should i yes or no comment below

Q: We checked out the sheet music – Where can penguins find that song in Club Penguin?
A: You can hear it on the homepage when you click the Tour Guide and start the movie.
Q: The team is doing some work at the Lighthouse stage so that (just like during the Music Jam) we’ll be able to hear certain instruments when we play there. What do you think?

A: I’m glad. However, I personally like seeing the songs that penguins play and sing all over Club Penguin even more.
Q: Do you play any instruments? Got any quick tips to share with other musically inclined penguins?
A: Yep, I can play a few – the alto saxophone, a few percussion instruments, but my all-time favorite is the piano. To any of you who play real instruments, keep it up! Find a song and see if you can learn how to play it, or even try and compose your own music. All of Club Penguin’s music is made by someone, and maybe someday that someone could be you!

copy right alwood By Clubpenguin whats new 2009 

Speaking of music friday is the day its all out so you can rock on in your igloo

Music jam Hiting out for another year!!!!!

July 29, 2009

Another year of music jam is below and music jam Was so fun as a member i found candice and Penguin band i got a short interview with one of them!!!! u can guess Cause It will be out soon Who do youy think it will be Franky any body else! guess below

Music jam a huge hit

music jam was a huge hit

we seen A lot of bands in this past week but the cp team wonts more So go to the lighthouse and play the intrument you got but in more news The tracks to the music for the music jam music will be in your igloo in this weeks ONLY!!! so take a look at this picture


The party music is comming this friday!!!!!!!!!!!! so check out that new  catlog and get ready to jam out 1nce more

voteing begins!

July 25, 2009

Voteing begins wat you voted for!

Voteing starting

voteing has started for the first time for a color! sad news is you can onloy vote once


so u voted its there not to long tuesday of july 28th but there new post cards now avabile! 3 to tell your buddys to vote for this and that

in some other news Music jam is on its last weekend we invite you to shout abotu it below!!!


July 24, 2009

Hey peopel like i been saying music jam rocks so view band stuff at www.youtube.com/duenick look for those videos! you might be in them but for the 2nd time a review! by you and a anual cp review

review BY YOU!

a review by you is added and a color competetion is added as well we got a own review you summited into us  thats after cps but lets take a look at wat you asked

Do you like the Lavender, Maroon, or Aqua? And why?
that answer is

Coolman said:
i like…ALL OF THEM its so hard to choose. I like aqua cuz i love the color blue. I like Maroon cuz its a fun bright color! And last but not least i like Lavender because it is a summer color and it is summer! U rock cp!!!!!!!! Untill then waddle on!
but dotn forget that color contest starts tomarrow!


now this weeks REVIEWD BY YOU SENT IN TO US! well like you to shout out in are comment box below and are Questin for this week is Did you liek the music jam plz keep it short! now aere review by you summited

I liked to see alto at the music jam i liked the music last year it wass so awsome!

Owner rights

yes good answer and thx for righting ur are 2nd one

yes this is all happending BUT CPS


We hope you’re loving the Music Jam and we’d love to know what your favorite party area is – and why?


July 23, 2009

Hey people as i said last week on mammoth the server www.youtube.com/duenick is showing bandd performances look for them! on my videos pages but lets get to reasons not rto miss it

Music jam missing

music jam stuff if your missing out theres alot going on and alot of new things going on but here stuff you may not even know

go to the light house it will play your intrument

the undeground cave has a piano when you step on it will play that sound

musical iscalles at the mine

battle of the bands are at the snow forts(and the vip pass!)

the music maker 3000 its at the snow forts seacret room new one but its diffrent

the stage is having diffrent and more rumors of it swicthing alot

take a look at this


have a good party!


July 21, 2009

Hey people i hope you like it also happening i have your band performances at my youtube www.youtube.com/duenick Check them out but lets get to it really

Ready to vote

we got alot of comments about the review but i got to say you liek the musicjam so now since your alwood on friday your goiong to vote but this is going from friday to tuesday you can vote for a new color heres weat the booth looks like

Picture 5.png

so i say july 28th ends voteing in some other news comming inb the penguin tales contest starts thursday hostedf by 101 days of fun thats all we got for you vikings m,ight have been told


July 18, 2009

Hey people i updated the people viewing count and thx for all thats viewing but now since you have done that im going to open a page soon on the Top called ___________ its going to be named comming up but first MUSIC JAM!2009!


whoaa its finally here and much better if your a member you goign backstage but memb ers are goign to be avabile to pick up vip passes at the shop and the snow forts that pass will give you to all member places take a look at fun

Blog Pic[1].jpg

but to add on to this its going to be a New ingloo catlog so dont forget to check that out!!!!the catlog is music jam stuff so yeh we hope you have a great time and will see you monday morning or any day this weekend i will be on cp duenick600 server:mammoth anytime below 9:00 pm est and 9 am est thAts all for now


u wont to help us as we said were going to need some support on the CLOSED DUE TO UPGRADEING P-AGE! WICTH IS NOW CALLED WE NEED HELP

SO wont to help yeh were poping a poll up the choices are goign to be wat we create next for the view the 1st one


2ND is a make a facebook

3rd is to make a youtube vote now!!! it will be created before augest 1st! so vote now


July 17, 2009

hey people i got so many emails from duenick@yahoo.com you can email that two btwl if you wonbt somthing on this blog name the subject Cptracker and send us fanmail ideas or Questins about wat i do everyday! but lets get to the jam!


hello everybody its not grape or strawberry jam is MUSIC JAM tomarrow starting as you see all over the cp place but we like to show are review for last time questin here was the questin that was asked

How are you and your friends getting ready for Music Jam Party?
and heres the answer

Me and my friends are all getting ready for the Music Jam Party already. We’ve got all of our instruments gathered up and have already started practicing! We have these rockin’ cool outfits too. I think this Music Jam will be the biggest party on Club Penguin yet! We’ve also planned to meet the Penguin Band backstage. We can hardly wait for this rockin’ cool party! Waddle On!

Ha good one i like it but better news cp will have a Pick for A NEW COLOR! HERES ARE CHOICES and the next review


so wats next weeks questin yeh here it is

Do you like the Lavender, Maroon, or Aqua? And why?
i love them all itsw goin g to be 2 times hard to choice my faviorte but thgis will be at the forest soon


hey people its are cp alert update this is from me and sometimes cp cp doesnt send alot due to busyniess but i got one

A BUG THAT ALL users that us penguin stormk or hackers may damage the server!! thats are CPALERT


July 16, 2009

Hey people i got a message by Clubpenguin the other day since im with there wacth support email only limmited are on it they give it to bloogers like me or people that will tell but they have sent out the first call of hacking! well have that story after!

Music designing

well your wondering do you like music bu8t the music jams is this friday ab out 2 days from wednesday but take a look at a sketch and a Real thing just waiting if you wont to help with that long building get to work




Q: I know there are a lot of different music stages for this party. Which one was the most fun to work on?
A: All the stages were great to work on, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d say the big stage at the dock. It changes themes throughout the party.


Q: How did you come up with all the different decorations?
A: The focus was kept on two things, music stages and things that make noise. So there are different stages, but also some cool noise-making surprises!


Q: I heard rumors about a chocolate fountain in one of the backstage areas. Is that true?
A: Wait! There’s a chocolate fountain Backstage!?!? Golly, look at the time, I better. . . umm. . . get back to work. . . at the Backstage. .

the party is starting this friday of course!MUSIC JAM needs builders next is are ALERT!


people hey welcome to are first message that i have published on this blog about this but lets get to wat its saying and a inprovement to STOP THEM! but the current working new traniers are that are working proberly!are the




those are the working ones but Clubpenguin has been working on stopping them for good as they realsed this message during that alert!

We are going to try to stop all the 3rd party programs soon but in the meantim e plz convince them to STop!

a party update and a contest comming soon!!!!

July 15, 2009

Welcome to tuesday of are Tracker party we have everyday yes starting soon thow well start doing that! but lets just get to it (Sorry if ment to be mean its nice)

Music jam!!!!

music jam update today! well musicf jam  is starting friday as you can tell building has taken place all over cp and diffrent rooms this year but cp has seen ALOT of bands getting ready for the prime time!


penguin tales righting contest is going on soon so they have a contest so lets kick it off july 23 to augest 3rd but to a add on to this year were shakeing it up alittle this year all contreys all going to summit so its free  to summit to this  contest but 101 days this is part off so thx that


July 13, 2009

hey peopel if you been on mammoth today theres a majhor riot to gewt back cp old cp before it got bought if you wont to help go to the town its extremely full not for logn thow

Mammoth been goign on for about 2 hrs well brign this up in the lator news

Is penguins aroun d are worlkd we havce yuour answer below

July 13, 2009

Hey people sorry i havent been answering or typeing i been really busy but im not no more but all this week monday tuesday wensday and thursday! and friday it might be posted a bit lator so lets get to fridays post yeh

Around the world in penguin days

so you like you penguin that you bought then how about summiting a picture about you penguin and they will stick it on there picture page From you going to the beach vacation and in your back yard or you can create on4e freely

Reviewd by you and are own review summited!

July 10, 2009

Hey peopel since its summer we got a own review summited in by you also the club penguin onje (RIGHTS RESERVED TO CP)


u been geting reviews but the ruby ROOM st6age event STARTS TOMARROW! so we ghot are cp one then the one that you sent in to us

Limelight12 said:

My favorite thing to do at the Stage is to become part of the cast. I love to look at the scrpit and see which character I want to be, and pick out their costume. It’s very fun to act onstage! I can be anything; a fairy, a princess, a detective… it’s all there! It’s also fun to make new friends in the play with me! Thanks for the update! Waddle on!
great one i like it!


and since to shake alittle up we added are own review but take a look at that picture! its cool and kinda diffrent

Are review to you

From leo!!!

Hey everybody i would love to say first GREAT site and this one we have is good i love the stuff you send to us but now to the inportant i love the stage its so cool i would love to own it but Clubpenguin does!

Great review!! more will come each thursday

but next week is the music jam! begins!

heres this weeks Questin

How are you and your friends getting ready for Music Jam Party?


July 9, 2009

Hey people no add ons and a memebr ship i got at walmart $30 usa money but lets get to it


hello people if you rember decideing for june but now your decideing for Augest heres are choices

The Moondrop
The Tux-T

yeh so vote know and remmber the winner will be annouced this friday

so stay tuned and remmber tomarrows are revied by you i hope ur ready today we dint have alot to talk about but yeh we bring it to you

2 news Storeys And fourth of july MommentsAnd new today &BREAKING CPTRACKER NEWS!!!!

July 7, 2009

hey people ass we do know we do are lastest storys at the end but we got 4 things to share firework momments and i breaking news about the contest delay and some more reasons!!!!! now lets get to it all once more


are you a ninja yeh and love the calogs that Sensei broght but im sure you like the new outfit im sure of that but take a look!!!


sensei wasnt there when they did it also there is some comments about why he dint Go to the spanish servers? he dint have the time to make it there he will try to make it to there in a feature turn around!!!!!!!!

Music jam my fav

are sedcond story i love and keept emailing cp about was music jam!!!!!!! if you werre on cp last year you would of know that it had alot of Awsome music and some rare people but the music for cp band will be there but since it was so popular i wasnt the only responder heres wat Josh said

I Really wont this party to come back it rocked out last year

thx josh for the Emailed comment


but this year there going to rock it off during july 17th thourhg july 26 so grab friends make priotices and Eat cake!!!!!!!


hey people the contest is about the be fixed sorry it dint update we ran into some bugs!!!!but it will be up to date manually right now thx for the patinces and keep viewing we might have another one comming up i will keep you posted


fireworks were something big!!! i din t shoot none off but i did go see some they were awsome i dint have time for a picture cause my camera wouldnt work! on the BOOM CRACKLE!yeh its true the picture about broken the picture blurey thats all i got to say AND SUMMIT WHAT YUOU DID BELOW WELL SHARE THEM TODAY!!!

Sensei is On we got a glimse of him!!!

July 3, 2009

hey peopel fryiday Happy early fourth of july the contest is Done but tomarrow on sunday it updates so all the contrys still View you got a chance


hes finally online!!!!! for the first time talking!!!

Sensei is online till july 5th a day after tomarrow (sunday) and members and non members can see him

But take a look at this picture


with his vist ninjas will get some member and update in the catlog a great new dissapearing like he will do so start saving them up those coins

Know what are you going to ask leave a great comment below!!!!!!!!

Time of year

the time of the years ticking around the clock and are contest will be done the winner will be up on sunday i wont be on tomarrow due to Funiess but if you summit your comment it will be added in Are 4th of july brodcast tell us what you have done! did you party did you swim summit it in right here to us at cp tracker

More ninja and PLay annoucments &A new reviewd by you

July 2, 2009

Hey people before i start i got to say thx for viewing its really nice3 and supportive and the contest is Ending 2 days Name will be addede when we add so keep viewing on the 4th of july Its added on sunday morning So look for it now to it


yes today we got plans and more for club penguin but lets go to are weekly whats new

and its ninja to

Tweety Girl3 said:
My favorite part of training to be a Ninja is playing Card Jitsu! Its so fun to play with the other penguins. Just think; you could be playing Card Jitsu with people all around the World!! How cool is that, right?

as always were having the picture after


Good story now to are annouments the stage is a big one a new play is comming soon to cp Ideas scripts and more And the swicthbox 3000 so this weeks new Questin for the reviewd by you is

What’s your favorite thing to do at the Stage?
mine is to meet alot of people and renact the play!

50 TO 75 words is needed and if you when it will be on this


July 1, 2009

Hey people we dont have alot on are new Anoying but i will find it from recentlynews and i will get to the ninja news


History is todays story but not Real history  but sensi is going to pop up in the innja hide out(FOR NINJAS ONLY)so lets show you it all do you remmber this


if you dont belive it it was in the Hallween 2008 but before he came there was some nastey storms (BOOM)if you remmber that hallween is when cp opend thats when there anversiry but the Project got failed to make the ninja hide out due to a bad snow fall but you all helped buying snow jack hammers and in the Inside of the dojo but lets show you cause a little figure poped up out of no were


but were you there when this figure poped up(my answer is below)

My answer is yes i was there fulliey but a couple weeks lator he was called Sensi.

but in the good news fireworks are now up for the 4th of july so go party i will be on the spanish server Or any server so look around

New LANGUGE!!!!!!!!!

June 30, 2009

Hello people or hola people were going to get right to it lets start with it


hello spanish languge was added to the languge as Club penguin updated like they do each month as you know there alot of diffrent languges but they go by the most users online for that languge and spanish is on its list No other ones are currently informed but lets go to the picture of the new spanish server

spanish.Picture 1.jpg

And i will be there but log in Tell all there lanuges saying hello to them Saying welcome to spanish clubbpenguin make them feel; good and Make buddys!!!!!!! I will be on that server today and this week so come look for duenick600

Game updates plus are new ANOYING story that you might herd

June 26, 2009

Hey people after this a new anoyign story you might of herd in the past 24 hrs and its getting aired on here also comming NEXT WEEK ALL COMMENTS WILL BE AIRED ON THIS!!!! NO SPAM COMMENTS AND NO BAD ones are being added! but lets get to the real stuff


music music music you mgiht herd latliy but club penguins music is much better as the game updates the Dj3k First timmly updates And look at the night club updateing WITH IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take a great look at this new update Also after the picture you buddys the puffles!!!


Ok people the puffles are in this edition to this posting Yellow is in this update so look at yellow of course members and non will get to play as well but members get alot of benfits Now to a diffrent subject

Look at the skiing hill cause fireworks ARE COMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take a look for 4th of july fireworks boom and Were going to have all you firework comments added to this thorugh AUGEST ALSo happening that day are contry contest the winners Will get on the homepages Name!!! for 1 week but your contry will get that so start viewing now to anoying part.


hey everbody its day 2 and the sad story is that Micheal jackson died yesterday at 3:30 or 3:00 Calofrnia Time and i herd people have herd and kept hearing it on song holding you ear on the news and Radiop for the first time he sang ABC good song Thats this weekends anoying part of the day and more will come soon rembber the comments NO SPAMS all spamms will not get read after tomarrow but i check them to see if my ocmment system messed up again so i wqill delated them but it will still count look at the counter saying that im duenick signing out


June 25, 2009

Hey people its thursday yay are reviewd by you really BY YOU!!!!!!!!!! but lets get to it all The new Anoying Talk you hear from tv News like Fox to tv commercails we got todays for you!!!!! Lets get to it

Another review

Puffyjc said:
My favorite music in Club Penguin has to be the music played at Music Jam 08.From pop to hip-hop, there was music for everyone. I had a great time playing with my all-time favorite band, The Penguin Band and taking center stage and pretending I was actually in a band! We also made our own music with DJ3K,a game launched for the party, which was also very cool.
Duenick wrighights :

I love the music jam and i recommend it to come back it rocked!!!!!!  know look at are music jam picture


now but this weeks is What’s your favorite part of training to be a ninja?
Answer to mine lol my favirote momment to this is to be gaining belts playing other people

Remmber to be on this reviewd by you check whats new and keep it between 50 to 75 words each 1 will be picked each week Now to the Anoying secetion you will like!

Anoying DAY 1!

welcome to rockhoppnews New section for this i havent been back since a couple going under Working on my Website comming soon just for this site no realse date is added but lets Go to are anoying commercail or on the news

Todays is on the news!!!!!!!

South carolina govener Has went off for 5 days with out telling nobody even his wife Kids People that are inportant and came back lieing to People this is todays Anoyer there one comming tomarrow

Blog contest&Music Chat that you might Hear near you!!!!!!&Geocaching update!!!!

June 24, 2009

Hey people as summer is on the clock and the temps near me are todays are 89 Geocaching will have alot in it today i will show you it will have alot but lets get to the music!!!!!! A BLOG CONTEST IS AFTER THIS!!! A WORLD ONE


you like music yeh i like it to but lets take a walk with happy but as you know on friday and the other event the ingloo catlog updates with the DJ GAME will finally update(the game not the ingloo) but take a look at the update and a review is comming soon


yeh take a look Awsome yeh but know a review to what we been waiting for!!!!!!

Q: There’s a lot of music in Club Penguin. How you do decide what music goes where?
A: We’d like the music to support the feeling of the areas and the party themes.
Q: What’s your favorite part of making music and sound effects?
A: Working with music and sound effects (sfx) is creative and fun, and we hope it adds another dimension to everyone’s experiences on the island.
Q: At last year’s Music Jam party, I seem to remember music called  “bubble pop” – is that short for bubble gum pop? Are there other kinds of candy music?
A: With that song we were originally inspired by the Bubblegum Pop style of music. But with music this sweet, it’s all candy. so yeh(THIS ISNT MINE THIS IS ALWOOD AND COPYED OFF THE SITE!!!!!!!!)

also the music is in are swf page wtich will update at 1,500 views wicth is shortly

Contest thats easy!!!!

hey people i have noticed On the flag count i added not to long ago Usa is winning followed by others But i wotn to make that a contest USA will win cause its large and are site was Usa before it went world wide mostly (Long process and time) but we made it but i really wont A CONTEST THE rules are bullted below and end July 4th 2009 and the rules are this

  2. NO forceing people to come it will count if they vist or not
  3. Anything else thats like cheating isnt Alwood but lets go to the Prize!!!


Geocaching day 3

hey people Todays geocaching is Posion oak iv and more the real stuff i got alot of posion on my (real stuff i look red)but look its 3 leaf!!!!! i hope you ALL know that and more but tomarrow were bring more on geocaching see us next time and start viewing contrys time is ticking!!!!!

Gameing update

June 22, 2009

Hey people its monday but next were going to give your news Lol and i got some to check out geocaching as every day this week we will bring you more on geocashing


good Music you like but the music games fixing as DJ3K will first time update Lets take a sneek Peek


BUT AS are last minute the yellow puffle will be invalded more is comming soon


geo caching is a old Game but is still played let go to this site http://www.geocaching .com and guess what sign up freely and much more today we dont have alot to tell you more is comming but check that site out if the serch doesnt work then Just add itthe zip code (Example12584) thats not a real zip code but try something theres alot of geo cachers all you need is GPS! AND CORRNADTES

Upcoming events to look for&Fathers Day&SUMMER!!!!

June 21, 2009

Hey people its sunday its fathers day so happy birthday i say it and im at my fathers house celbrateing to so dont feel Sad if you missed it cause today is are first day of summer of 2009 at the end of this story were going to be adding~!!

Upcomming cp events

i know your all so having fun with there 101 days of fun but lets bring you to some fun events takeing place no new name is added its sad that were in are 3rd week of fun but when this Starts were going to have are trackers well tracking it


as the team has been working around the clock on this were to waiting for some party fun celbrateing 2 events happening on 1 day Fathers day and summer starting but lets crack it down for you

Party! not alot but a major music is comming (MIGHT BE THE MUSIC JAM AGAIN!!!!!!)

The catlog at the stage plus the rubys Stage apperance is hiting stage to

More new wigs catlogs and awsome ingloo music plus fruniture

More upgrades for the members with the dj game

NEW ROOMS!!!!! constuctuions going to take place no date is annoced we will folow this Story throw the day

Special Guest comming!!! NO NAME is told to us were continueing this story as wellbut i got something to tell you hang out with a real Ninja game Camp so keep looking around in this site and in more


hey people the summer days have finally begin at 2:00 or to 1:30 or 2:30 am est this morning So i bet if your getting heat Just check the date it will tell you

Until the hot temps get hotter Swim shout and dance out

Btter igloos are out Lets see how you did plus are winners are finally announed&A major recall That i wish dint happen all inside

June 20, 2009

hey people i got the major recall comming after this story so if you like laughing here the report at the end lets get to that thow

Better ingloos catlog

hey people sorry for this late post but yesterday no news was on club penguin but since this is finally aired on club penguin lets get to it

the dojo contest winners are the folo0wing great job to all those winners here they are

Blue Ise


Freeze the 1


And much more we cant post them all cause that kills space but i reviled them all you get 25,000 check to see if you name was on the club penguin newspaper in the game there at the area so yeh But i got more here the search for the new pin which if you dont know were its at look at are pin tracker Its at the light house so i hope all know its there but look at this picture

The Pin.jpg

that all we can tell right now but look next for The recall its funny

Recall added to the list

hey people i know you herd of stuff with people having penauts then recall yeh but this time its something called Nestley Bucket frozen Cookie badder good Stuff but the only way to get sick is to eat it raw so eat it the right way but its not on the store Sehelfs Till they fix it

This is duenick signing out lol ALSO CHECK THIS SITE OUT www.duenick600.webs.com

Reviewd By you And Are poll Results you been voteing for!!!And more news is comming lator today!!!

June 19, 2009

Hey people today were going to start are 2 posting for the first time today so look for more lator today but todays news was from yesterday due to Working at a swim meet Donateing my time but lets get to that news and that poll stuff

2nd edition of reviewd by you

welcome as a reviewd by you this week are summited not in the club penguin news paper but were airing it on here But heres what ninja red posted to us all

My favorite adventure on the island would most definitely have to be when I became a ninja. I proved to myself that I could do it, and I did. Getting all my belts, and defeating the Sensei was an incredible journey that i will never forget. I am proud of my position as a secret ninja, now what are you waiting for? Join me, Keep trying and reach for your goals!
good job i like this Is off the clubpenguinblog they have rights to that are Alwood but heres a great picture to him for this you might even like it


but this is this weeks Questin Leave your comments to this on club penguins what new but heres are Questin for the week

What’s your favorite music in Club Penguin?
mine is when we had are rocking jam good music i loved it and its comming back btwl i Told clubpenguin that we needing more music but plz if you wont to answer plz just make sure your answer is between 50 and 75 words!!!!!!


are title is long but it tells alot heres are poll results and this will be aired on todays lator posting here it is

DO YOU LIKE 101 DAYS OF FUN remmber to vote to see urs on here



and the other one now heres this week ends one vote plz!!!


Furniture Around to update &2 REVIEWS that you dont wont to miss &Top news Stories

June 17, 2009

hey people for the first time since i herd the iran stuff i have to post it on this site but i cant bring you no info To that stuff like the pictures and videos from Are media Fox news network (DUE TO THE SUEING OF iran)but lets get to the real stuff then to the other Remmber stick around for 2 of the best reviewing sites in the world!!

Ready for new stuff

i bet your wonting more stuff for that ingloo i do to Old stuff but summer is comming so get ready start the pools and more this catlogs comming out friday so look for it but We wont you to feel like your at the beach comming friday heres something macthing that theme!!!

furniture sketch.jpg

but also Friday in the catlog if you missed the party dont be sad cause its there Look for it friday the plants And also a new realse tomarrow the dojo ingloo decorateing contest will be annouced were hopeing to have the winners on here tomarrow The names will be on here if you enterd and dont win there more contest like that soon

Im duenick At Cptracker.tk

Onverse REVIEW

today we have to bring this to you because the onverse Just opened and you get to download the game free NO VIRUS its 1 day old and the team is on so join now at onverse.com The best Free site no fees are needed to join But come check it out NO REVIEW is on this Everything works

Spineworld Review

hey were going to bring you spineworld A rude game you get kicked not band for no reasons i got kicked 4 times no reason but beign kicked is out of the room when you log back on ur alwood back on you need Money for alot of things to buy stuff And more So i dont recommend it This is duenick at cptracker.tk


hey people if you checked the local news herd something from protesters there i have So the new presdint dint let us get a close video or picture to them do to shutting us down bUt hes mean and the govements fet up so there recounting all

TOYS TOYS TOYS and 101 fun days

June 15, 2009

Hey people welcome back its monday lets get to it

Toys toys toys!

more toys are comming to club penguin heres a great picture to it all I got 2 pictures to show you when im talkign about this


snow tracker is in it as well

Are sedcond picture to show dont forget are puffles cause here are new ones this will be in the usa About the picture about will be in the Usa Toys r us and then will go to uk Same for this picture below


remmber after were done posting i will go to the Poll results Nice puffles

101 days Updateing!

hey i havent talked about 101 days of fun latley so lets go to 101 days of fun but lets bring the fun cause people already getting ready for todays 101 days fun

UP UP and AWAY!.jpg

Also new to add if club penguin sees your doing them you will get 1001 cOINS TO YOUR ACCONT WITHOUT TELLING YOU so plz start Doing them member or non member included so start playing and earn them Well see you next time


HEY its time for thouse Poll results i let you do part of 101 days to on here but heres the results REMMBER VOTE FOR YOU POLLS



this voting heres are week ONE VOTE TO HELp us


June 14, 2009

Thx to all for waiting and i might off subject for this BUT DTV digital Tv has hit the tvs last night at midnight Plz Use this link to advertis us

CPTRACKER.TK Are new paid link It will go non paid also with this are mail accont So plz use it the mail accont for us will be comming soon!!! look FOR THE LINK WE NEED SO MANY VIEWS TO KEEP ARE DOMAIN UP AND GOING SO PLZ use that link

Adventure party &The pin you chose

June 12, 2009

Hey if you read earlyer i had the posting of are results and more and saying the new poll for the week end will be on here so you can vote here to so dont worry cause todays news is out look for it next


its thats time to party again so party with the adventure party Now out just came out this morning and I have done the hunt really Quick  but heres a Picture of what the forest looks like

Talks Softly to Parrot.jpg

members get the party room again as the non members get something they get a free hat the pin tracker is now avabile cause the new one is Out check are widgets its cool it might update have to keep checking it plz tell me if it works if it doesnt Plz comment Now next to your pin stuff maybee you voted right to on Yesterdays pin Poll

Pin Is voted

you voted for the pin and heres what you got on this sites voteing but your voteing Was rong as you chosen PIN C you voted on club penguin this pin

pinbb.jpgPIN B!




the pins comming soon but remmber the scavenger hunt prize is a back round will not go to the stores So go look at this site and more


hey this time im going to give more to the Party as in the last message so Vote now

VOTE NOW!!! now open closeing on monday of next week so start voteing now If you dont vote there will be no more polls this year so i suggest you plz vote This is a free thing we do to Tell us stuff on friday NOW TO ARE WEEKLY REVIEW


i hope you all like this cause i had to move over cause one Site doesnt like me no more (NOT A BOY FRIEND OR GIRL FRIEND)they sent me rude emails so lets go to the better one ourworld its so good

and you have to be over a age and wacth the languge but you get to be a watier and you get to be baker and a coffee dude but your a rocker thats there to But you just wont to buy stuff you got to level up you level up by the FLOW not money you will read alittle bit more when you sign up!!!! create your own carector no PROGRAM NEEDED online game this is the reviewing we do you!enjoy this review next one is comming but i hop;e you like the review to SPINEWORLD BUT WAIT ITS COMMING TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK LOOK FOR IT

Polls are in !!!!

June 12, 2009

hey people im doing this a bit early at 6:51 am in the morning but i will be busy today so lets get to the results i will have the club penugin news later i wont you to vote on this week ends to

here they

What pin you vote for

PIN 1   –nobody voted

pin2—– no body voted

pin3 1 voted so PIN 3 WINS

Remmber to vote on the free polls cause that feature will be off the news if you dont vote So plz vote now answer this miss a chance look on today cp news it will be there to


Reviewd By you Is here On clubpenguintracker

June 11, 2009

hey as tomarrows are review day i got alot of sites i have been on and i have 2 weeks of reviews but soon in the summer I will review 2 a week so i hope you like that to the news

Reviewd by you is on the blog now

i hope you all like this part because reviewd by you is now out of the newspaper WHOA!! also adding to are summer fun this here is this weeks reviewd by you Remmber only by you

Ever have a favorite party you just don’t want to end? That’s how I felt about the Water Party! Club Penguin can make parties into anything! I remember how that crab broke the glass, allowing water onto the island. Penguins didn’t know what to do! So, we got a hose, a couple of inflatable animals, and we started a water party! Wow!
-Vendiagram1 (Rights go to the clubpenguin whats new for this)

HERES HIS PICTURE waterparty1.jpgADDED TO it all

i hope you enjoy it

but i would liek to tell you to look in the coffee shop upstairs for are partys and a new catlog is comming look for it your New Questin to answer for the Reviewd by you is

Your new question: to tell us your favritoe Adventure on club penguin you can now answer it on this blog or answer it on whats new Thats how your now answering it will still come out every friday

Tech diffcultys

Sorry im not bolding the title and sorry the stuff is in the bold Form! we messed up on the firefox were on Internet exploar is recommended were going to fix it soon


June 10, 2009

next in are news were going to get a pin yes you get to vote for this next well tell you how and when well tell you are answers all next Plus After this Adam lambert update And a sneek peek of fridays Review on a site all today!  ALSO SUMMER WITH CLUBPENGUINTRACKER!!!! a new email we have for you to talk on!

Vote NOW!!!

for the first time you get to vote for you own pin club penguin realsed a new catlog and people written in saying i wont more and more of this this day and blue fit right i belive  but heres your pin choices vote below or tell me your answer but heres the choices sorry not in the color version


And remmber TO vote cause on friday well tell you what you voted for If you wont to tell us if you wont The 1st pin the 2nd pin and or the 3rd Answer this poll well tell you on friday as well as are review

resealts are on friday all people vote now!!!! next in the news a peek on fridays review No answer is given about the site tune in Plus stick around cause next are email are new is reviled

Friday sneek peek

hey to tell you how great this site is they wonted me to show you a sneek peek a Logo picture look for it heres the picture guess what it is comments are given till thursday night

The logo cant be given due to the copyright law but i was avabile to bring this to u tell me what it is from

Server Status

Might not work! now next adam Lambert!

Adam lambert Telling rude stuff to fans!

to end this cast with the newsing were going to adam lambert look at thease off of aol.com

AS all herd on the aol.com site on 6/9/2009 adam lambert was called *** on the site heres a picture of  it all

Adam Lambert

Matthew Rolston for Rolling Stone

curretersy is given to the aol.com


HEY PEOple i got a new email clubpenguintracker@usa.com is my email so email me there free thx have a great day

New toys!!!!

June 9, 2009

Hey people soon club penguin will add more toys to its line up but next were in to that story im out of School were talking about that at the end of this story club penguin first remmber that now lets get to it!!!

Toys are Coming again

hey everybody today new toys are commign the title sounds like a event but comming in mid june heres what comming


but in this picture thease toys are in it reconize it dont read this part Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, or Squidzoid i hope you notice Big people comming soon but this will be in the added opf series 3 of the toys.

Next in this news back to it all the toy book for were the codes you summit you can get coins and more stuff will reupdate on June 15 one of my busyest days of the year but bad nEws with the toys they will be in the folowing usa stores really soon in the mid june so keep checking out the the toys r us i found them there to!! but they well be at thease stores Toys’R’Us Stores, Disney Parks, and Disney Stores and disney online store but bad news for the uk alsturila as shipping is bad and forever but it will come in the late summer


clubpenguintrackers summer of fun will Kick off Today as it goes till the hot time of year Augest  20th so keep looking for partys cause i herd we Have alot PLANED FOR YOU EVEN more i cant tell more check in everyday its comming soon

101 days Is full going?Yes or no

June 8, 2009

Today were going to do a flip side to what club penguin said it will be diffrent is 101 days going yes or no! find out next

Is club penguin 101 days so fun or not!

Todays 101 day fun is cacth the big fish in the ice fishing game but the activites are in the club penguin times news so look for that and well get started so is 101 days of fun. fun? look for all the activites plus the non activites offline after this picture your answer!!!!!!


But before we answer you We wont you to summit stuff like above sweet nice drawing from a club penguin designer there best one they have made it but if you wont to send it to me in a comment for this send in a comment but if you wont it for real Click this link http://support.clubpenguin.com/fanart/index.php

so back to are recent thing So is 101 days really fun Clubpenguin responded to me saying it will get funner Normally schools go to 180 days and (TOMARROWS MY LAST DAY from duenick) but after a couple days it will get funner more STUFF!!!!!! So go have some fun!!!

Dont remmber everybody this will be the last and final week of the dojo ingloo contest the winners will be annouced like i said on june 18th of the club penguin times

Name anouched of party and 300 Post friday!!!!

June 5, 2009

Hey people soon were goign to add some more stuff to this post but lets not wait lets post it!

Adverture Party!

like it said earlier in post the Party name was given today how good  is that made my holiday but the party is to June 12 – 16

Picture 3.jpg

next friday the members will get more then the non members offcurse For only members next friday but look at the picture above it might look like that wow yes it will look like that Might no Details given and to celbrate this good day the penguin style added one more detail to there book which its cool but look at the gift shop causes its with the party! and the stuff you also voted for is there to so go look at it check back soon for more 101 days!

Smallworlds Review!

hey people this is another review Friday and today i have a choice to Expect but no comment request say you wont a review of a site you dont trust contact us in comments and it will be on the next edition and site Lets get to it

Smallworlds is a good place to hang and play but warning you have to be over a certian age to play but its a free game play on the internet NO DOWNLOAD! runs with the internet i think its good but i recommend ages over 18! so if you a kid and wont to test it out just sign up over a age Free to sign up but you get beter features for a membership The currency is gold and best EVER!!!!!! I LOVE IT and its a 24/7 i recommend signing up i have been thinking on new ones So comment below which i should review next!

also added to this Ok so plz enjoy cp over the week and hAVE a great week end bye!!!!