hey u all lol its me duenick im back lol  thee dudeyesterday was one of the helpers of this blog i nw you ll loved him m back he filled in for me wen i was gone lol so i hope you love him lol if you do plz comment me telling me tell me yuor thoughts plz be nice so some support to us and ADvertising this blog GETS a A+  so if your adverttising you might become a creator of this blog wow lets get to the cp news


IF you were looking at the member ship party  post i said a update well be next eekk this is the weekkkk!!!!!!!!!!! and its startes this week thursaday  a sneek peek with a cp designer for real lol here the message

hello #$#$$ blocked name

thanks for righting in for a interview i love geting interviewd now since you asked about the upcoming party i well giv you more of one since your 3 years old on clubpenguin the dance club well be locked for members but IT  well have 3 floors wow with dj with the ds game the dance contmeing son thrsday

duenick: why do y do member ship partys?

cp designer:cause we love ae members and they rock cause money keeps this big web sight up so do you think we should honer them!!!!!!

duenick wner of blog: yes i should there keeping it open in free

CP designer: one more thing lol!! i got a picture for you to see of the game might look like the ds game


duenick owner:thx for this great interview remer everybody coming soon a page about cp workers lol interviewd live!!! coming soon also to view this party free check my member ship page out with the acconts lol  and remberthe partys go to

Jan. 15 and goes until Sunday, Jan. 18!

A NICE BIG THANKS TO CP DEISNGER  and all the viewrs thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
i might interview you on club penguin some day!!!!!!!
i have interviewd carlos a old member penguin here 1,123 so if you in the 700 wereyou second party hat lol and i well interview you to youtube and on to here lol
SEE YOU SOON  everybody on thursday danceing o not duenick or cp live n one of my members

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