the white puffles are here cp news!

hello everybody the white puffles are finally out whoaa yeh i no its for members only right now also its currently inside the cp adopt puffle as of now its member and dont be sad ok disney is mean to so blame it on them ok nobody wonts a white one its plain old white so yeh lol currently there a big hit also comeing i well try to get a puffle counter on here counting all the white puffles i see this week end or not maybee ok keep it really tuned heres is the puffle picture you all wontd to see!!! also the white puffles do this they think that there thinking of something thats the dance feature i dont have a white puffle lol someone told me about them rockhoppnew did a min ago but any way no pictures or comments yet post them today about the white puffle well keep you postd have a puffle week end lol and good night


also if you never noticed see the dude half seee the little head one sedcond i well try to make a mark of it any way i cant make the marks on it right now but look for him cause hes in all the pictures that are showing this


2 Responses to the white puffles are here cp news!

  1. BRANDON says:

    The stoy is abut penguin and puffes on clubpenguin
    is cool to play clubpenguin.

    • duenick says:

      Yes it is thx and have a good time and plz keep posting And will keep you upto date on all the cp news team lol

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