Late cp news with easter Hunt Cp news Back live

Hey im still sorry for the late updates my family doesnt have this program lol i went on vacation for this day only we well let you summit comments on your easter break mine was so good how was yours now lets get to that new news

Easter hunt but can you really find it

Hey can you find all the eggs in this location this is a Pratice to this site


find them lol the easter egg hunt is now currently Over did you win comment below if you did i well accpet them all week thx for prticapating

Spam commenters:

Hey since the new spam sorry if your comment is in spam it is the system im useing some comments arent spam so some are aproved Thx for the patenitice Now back to the news

The hunt is on

Did you start hunting those Eight eggs i did egg 7 was a bit hard this year it was hard lol here is a picture of something we missed on the old news


also people called a quest for the golden puffle after 4/5 catgoreys Won good JoB really good


Hey you have decided the back round from these


The winner of this was Choice 3 good job all languges were read here to


a continue update from this is the Name is called this Medieval Party! i thought the name Was diffrent cp kept the name good job were comeing with a small picture in a min lol the party will run from the May 8 – 17 so just in time for the middle of spring medievalsneekpeek.jpg

the members will see something specail of course all the time Vote below On 2 Polls i have had comments on more polls not all got aproved yet  Answer below it will tell us What you think

thats the first one tell me plz or comment me about this

2nd one

One more quick thing the computer Fickier dude update lol Not big problem

AS  itold all people after the upgrade the blog wont have it or no recoreds of it so clap for goodness in a recent update the big bug will stop on may 3 so if you have a pacth disable it more is coming

Rember this isnt a big problem just to info you on it thats is all i have and rember im so sorry for that latness wasnt planed this is duenick and rockhoppnew Signing out for now


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  1. Jinny says:

    Hi, to GoogleReader!

    Have a nice day

    Owners comments
    Hey great Post it was in spam it is aproved thx for the wait time From duenick U rock keep viewing thx and remmber you might be a admin have a good day

  2. cooooolest domain name)))

  3. ontopyinK says:

    now in my rss reader)))
    Duenick owner
    WOW LOL i have gotten this comment twice today lol im jking

  4. ontopyinK says:

    now in my rss reader)))
    duenick owNer
    Wow thx and cool lol

  5. ceacymnaple says:

    Have a good weekend!
    signature: Spamed url is Removed
    spam filter 2407

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