Tracker update

this is a post not from cp or from me this is about the upcoming update develments Thx for the viewing this month were so close to geting remmber to advertis and comments to save it or it will be delated after the 1000 views and i hope everybody is currently Read the Beemusic isnt there no music sorry The POLL RESULTS FROM YESTERDAY ARE

No votes on them yet Vote on yesterdays posting…..

Comments in spam

Hey looking for Ur comments yes it is true So sorry recently some of the non spam comments been in spam All is now been posted askmit is Working on it Thats all i do have for this momment no cp news Yet this is duenick rockhoppnew signing out remmber to advertis comment if you are Thx you will be rewarded


One Response to Tracker update

  1. Charlie says:

    Hi there,
    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.
    Thank you

    Thx for commenting in to Clubpenguintracker remmber to keep viewing and plz dont copy right stuff from my blog it makes us really Sad for the work but you can copy stuff like Pictures
    Also if you wont we might make you a admin keep commenting and you might become one soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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