Ds goes to aultrisa cp news

hey the cp news have the ds finally in the austrlia Regions cpds.jpg

it well be there soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so keep a eye look out in most of the other news a new member fruniture catlog resumes and comes back thats Really good cp retailers say it should be there on friday the game not the fruntirue lol thats all i have one more thing were close to the new Update so keep clicking also comments in spam for the last time the spam comments came in with non all been aproved Thx rockhoppnew for the help duenick posted comments from my self on there Keep checking back for more!!!!!!!!!! this is duenick and rockhoppnew signing out bye


3 Responses to Ds goes to aultrisa cp news

  1. SonyaSunny says:

    Hi, Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.
    Owners comment
    Thx for this comment you make are support go up Thx for reading we so like it lol

    • duenick says:

      Thanks i love hearing comments liek that Please Keep posting as we relanch again after my absents invite ur buddys and Make us get popular thank u

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