Welcome To 1000 Views!!!!!!!! Also rockhopper cp news live

Hey everyBody the 1000 views IS here finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Partys Now the fun part in a min The blog Well change like you never Seen it Answer this poll but first the poll results!

Lets get to that news before the results

Good afternoon everybody THE  person rockhopper is making its first appernce in  Walt Disney World in Florida He well be there during the April 30th and be there until May 13th come see him in action Its a specail event Cp well be holding we well have more of it when its april 30th WITH LIVE  pictures of rockhopper in disney land heres the picture of what he looks like


like i said if you dont get to make it were going to give you live stuff like the pictures if you go right Now you got to wait some time he is in the coustume like hallween lets get to those poll results rockhoppnew


this was the last day yesterday was really but lets get to it

50% said No

and 25% said yes and

25% said i dont really no

Here is todays poll

The poll well be active Tell we start geting more votes in this is duenick and rockhoppnew Signing out with a new admin coming today!!!!!!!


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