does it Really upgrade this ^^%% UPGRADES clubpenguin news live

Hey the &^^& thing isnt a cuss word its just something i have it in my blocked list But the sled game well update And in this post we well have the first Anamated picture i will try to get it to work Good not break lets get to it

Hey the sled raceing will finally upgrade the oldest game in cp well get better when you fall do u like the music tomarrow on firDAY comment about this But on friday We are taking comments to but they well have its own music like the cathin waves and the pizzatron 300 you can mute the sound in the ? mark cp is telling me privately heres the animatted picture might work or not


ok it does work Also in the news the continuesing story for the rockhopper stuff he well be in the walt disney like i said last time April 30 – May 13 but today we have found out were he will be at the hotel the games but he well be in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios  Section doing work for some times thats the news for today

Tomarrow is 300 word FridaY!!!!!!!!!!! were going t0 have big storys tomarrow

The fourm Will Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hireing a admin now you must be a active poster hurry Quick Hurry!!!!!! only 1 will become one


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