Updates and more updates!! Secert updates to Cp news friday

Welcome everybody to this fridays edition to 300 post word post i ment to say lets get to it first then we go to the polls


like i said this will go with 2 updates one was secertly not Done and one is Heres the picture and vote on todays poll if you like what Cp has done with it




the dance thingey was just added only one new move was added to this and in most other news today a new pin is out for your looking quest!!!!! are you ready to find it thats all i have for the news section of this see you again next week duenick out lets go to cp live


Hey the polls are back and going remmber to vote and comment below but we wont your oppinon On this blogs fourm http://cptracker.darkbb.com/ now to the results

you voted for alot the results nobody has vOted Vote on the polls To keep this section open heres todays

vote now and remmber to View this fourm the clubpenguintrackers fourm http://cptracker.darkbb.com/ Have a good day and a good week end We will keep you posted on the new clubpenguin events Bye bye Now lets go to rockhoppnew with some new Stuff


Hey everybody have you noticed this blog sometimes is like your news its not we hired people and now lets get to really why im here duenick Owner of this blog lol was Spoted all over the island latley Normally his on server snow cone on the week ends his on here all during this week and on the fourm that he made which is currently hireing a mod Have a good day and a good week end lol people already said that this is duenick cplive and rockhoppnew Signing out for now Bye!!!!!


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