Werid ideas!!!!!! And good news

Hey duenick is back im herelol the good news comes at the last of lastly it will best for last but lets get to it the werid Ideas!!! a Wig channlenge lol and i had a chance to get the story btwl were hooked up with firefox to see us now sorry for that error latley lol


Yes all true a wig chanlenge Yes and i had a chance to get a glismse of it as people all over the cp island Has talked ABOUT hair heres one that might blow Your socks off

Wig Party.jpg

and remmber new wigs and more will be there on the penguin style friday with other events might have to read tomarrows Newspaper comment below what you do think

Yestorday problem

Hello yesterday I had my People post a Faultey message i forgot to till them not to publish them forgive me for that back to news

Best for lAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome all lol were about to go world wide on 2 blogs Comeing soon check todays posting for it


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