Agents geting paid continues And new stuff added

Hey are you there cause its 300 word posting day yes it is im so glad lets get to it all lol

Agents get paid today!!!!

Yeh they do remmber in a couple posting i said that Its True!!!! but heres apicture to this start


Post below if you like it Also you get piad by the penguin mail so look at that agents and tour gudies a penguin style comes out today Check the new backrounds we voted for a long time ago the medivel party starts May 8th That5s all i have in this box today lets go to the Clubpenguin Team with more on this big huge Event All people all over cp are Waiting for there pay clubpenguin has told us that Its like growing up you get pAID REAL money growing Up wow really lol This is rockhoppnew Cp news

Thats all the time we have for this very momment Tune in monday For more on the news And some new ideas Have a good week end All comments will be excpeted Monday morning thx for tuneing in bye

Really Qucik!!!!

Soon the pages will be moved to be a comments you gave to me in emails and more some of the bad comments will not be added this will be up there Soon so keep looking for it  cause i got alot of Request for it so You got your Wish and have a good day good night Syl this is duenick and rockhoppnew signing out for the week end!!!!!


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