New play coming in~~~~ Cp news live in

Hey welcome Monday is finally here its good its going on i just herd that the END OF GRADE test aRE NEXt week for some schools Now lets get off that subject and to this good news!!!!!

New play

Yes thats right Cp is currently saying this Play will be related to medivel party first one ever Were going to continue this story though out May 8th……. may 8th is the same day the party and the play starts both days Best ever Also more on this will be on the cp news paper but i mangaed to sneek with this picture


summit what you think the name will be below And alot of your responses will be added on the MAY 8TH DAY COMING up for this first time we have a health out break you might herd about this is this news So bye bye



yes its not that called its the h1n1 flu People it said came from Mexico and hit usa still cases are jumping Ca has the most cause thats at the boreder But thats all

Source for this comes from the fox news


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