Ninja Medivel winners lol And a contest is heading your way

Hey welcome back duenick is here im so happy since were number 15 or 20 on the most viewd Blog and story so plz give your self a round of applause!!!!!!!!!!!!! now lets get to that!!!!!

Medivel macth up!!!

Yes the continueing story has said thx for sending them in look at this picture of one lol


to say a greatude of a thx the Clubpenguin team added 5,000 coins tol there own accont if your a member and needed coins i bet you did this lol

NEW NEWS!!!!!!!

a new ingloo contest is coming today a new igloo came in the catlogs wow not since some time but now clubpenguin explains people asked so we granted thx to all the people lol the theme for this contest is the dojo decorateing contest June 1st is the offcial starting date to this thing but since this is big youll see more in your newspaper soon closer to that date so start decorateing that room cause the judges are geting trained to rembeer on or not if your a member they check all the rooms thats a really HARD job i bet


join are network Wont to sign up or sign in to are new fourm


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