Rockhopper is coming!!!! And to Know more about this time

Hey people its monday the news week is back did u know that we Post stuff at the same time cp does Wow also Were on the scdule that club penguin is on Cooloio lol also in this the titles i make are going into bold look for them!!

ROckhopper returning

wow already he was in disney world not to long ago WOW what a busy guy  people are saying yes rockhopper is a old penguin almost 2000 days old I belive maybee 5000 but who knowas

But look in that fansy telscope up on the beacon you will see are friend rockhopper with rockhoppnew Will be on his ship As will when he does come so if you wont to meet me and duenick come check us out there on snow cone But heres the picture of more people lookin g though that teslscope


Also the rockhopper will bring something really specail for all you guys for this trip so come meet him summit your ideas what the world you think it is????????


hey my buddys told me that rockhopper might have a diffrent back round soon you have to keep tooning in to see it!!!!!


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