Ninja Update and shocking amercian idol story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWSOME CARD JITSU UPDATES

Hey people last night it was shocking as _______________ won amercian idol at the end we will have more on this  now to the real stuff cp news


You been waiting for after buying those cards you can check it out yeh right but cp is making a new addition to it all ninjas and other non ninjas can see so you asked your self i wont to see the cards i have???? Could i

look at this picture


soon in the dojo and the ninja hide out room you will see a toolbar not like the one with google and this Toolbar you will see the cards you have in your collection and how many wins till your next colored belt now let go to amercian Idol!!!!!!!!!


(Amercian) idol Screw up!!!!

last night on idol as you see above the amercian screwd up as Kris allen wins everybody was shocked

picture of when he won Really as beeting the amercian idol recored of the finally it was over 1 million votes came in last night and here is your New amercian idol


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