Rockhopper is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes today the rockhopper dude is here will get right to that story


Rockhopper back

today if you havent looked at rockhoppers ship just yet it looks diffrent but everybody came to see the secert that was anounced!!!!!!!!!!! What did rockhopper bring with him but look at this picture his ship is like a jungle or a forest


See its so weared but the iteams that you may wont are in the Catlog on the ship to get coins just play the ships gamer you can earn alot my recored is currently 198 coins hard to get but if you beet that Write in below we will chalenge some time soon So remmber that game is avaBILE when the ship is here on the club penguin But rockhopper came back to let you see him and to let you finally see his ship!!!! this is duenick with the club penguintracker team sign out for the weekend have a awsome weekend!!!! and remmber to go get that rockhopper and get his backround!


One Response to Rockhopper is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. penguin33 says:

    Hey, your site is awesome! Keep it up!

    Come join the CP memories forum! The CP memories site hasn’t opened yet, but the forum for it has! CP Memories was the biggest piczo site on the web with 100,000 hits. It shows all of the old and current CP partys, newspapers, postcards, anything!

    Here is the forum link:

    Here are two of the old site layouts:

    Please join! Thanks!
    Duenick (OWNER)
    I will join it and thx also i will put you as a designer of this site if you could help make something for me a new banner

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