FRIDAY POST WITH 3 STORYS!!!!!!!!!!!!interviews with freerealms as well

hey todays a big day with the i will tell you whats rong after the cp news check it out Ps the site is not danger to lossing people its just something to tell about it check are fourm out 24/7

Cptimes your newspaper

i know all people look at the thursday news news paper but history on this comes to since club penguin was realsed after a couple weeks lator and they take alot of time to make it awsome i herd it they start 1 week before the next maybee longer  heres the news picture


said news is that the reviewd by you is the last time you will see it but don t cry cause it will be on here soon the date is June 11 when it starts and it will be right here on

Todays news Rockhopper going green on cp to?????

like to go green rockhopper is have you noticed plants all over why are they there but rockhopper is moving in with his rare plants and stuff so keep loging on to see more of it as he moves


predict whats going to be there next comment below!!!! have you seen the new catlogs i have there so awsome you have to see them before there gone!!!!!!!!!!! well see you next time and have a great hot weekend

New to the blog

summer is coming up and we wont your water pictures it can be anything no people pictures or they w0nt be added summit the url link to us in the comment use thease sites to add photobucket ONLY and google


hey everybody this is are last thing but freerealms Wow a good site advertised on normally nickaloaden but you dont know this about the site on my friends computer he checked it out to see if its so good and he check the next morning and he opened his secerity program and 1 virus found he did a scan fast and it was Sony so plz wacth out for that he contacted the Support team they never responded

want to help get a site interviewd

wont a site interviewd comment below what it is! the url link and it will be interviewd on fridays


One Response to FRIDAY POST WITH 3 STORYS!!!!!!!!!!!!interviews with freerealms as well

  1. hannarocker12 says:

    Owner comment
    thx for commenting in lol do you like the reviews Any way pick your site tomarrow i got one for the age wizard101 is planed unless a new one i get lol

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