101 days on cp

Hey coming up in todays story is good 101 days of blank you will find out how cool it is so lets get to it

101 days of fun

school is almost out for some kids So club penguin knows the summer is time to hang out but clubpenguin is helping that time with 101 days of greatness and keep it a blasten summer


you will all half of the country gets out of school this week or next week my school well get out tuesday of next week the 9th but this will all start thursday and run though summer until the middle of setember cause some schools dont go back till labor day or that holiday in setember but everyday something cool kicks off EVERY DAY after this thursday fun fun fun

Bring summer to youtube

hey also this summer good news we will have a youtube accont with are own name on it so keep looking for that link~~~~


One Response to 101 days on cp

  1. Corwo says:

    Hey join my blog at ____________.wordpress.com

    -Corwo from CPT forums

    Owners comment!
    Hey corwo thx for finally righting in but in this Comment system we dont advertis on comments lol i will add you when i see mine on your site thx Look for it on this site soon thx duenick~

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