Name anouched of party and 300 Post friday!!!!

Hey people soon were goign to add some more stuff to this post but lets not wait lets post it!

Adverture Party!

like it said earlier in post the Party name was given today how good  is that made my holiday but the party is to June 12 – 16

Picture 3.jpg

next friday the members will get more then the non members offcurse For only members next friday but look at the picture above it might look like that wow yes it will look like that Might no Details given and to celbrate this good day the penguin style added one more detail to there book which its cool but look at the gift shop causes its with the party! and the stuff you also voted for is there to so go look at it check back soon for more 101 days!

Smallworlds Review!

hey people this is another review Friday and today i have a choice to Expect but no comment request say you wont a review of a site you dont trust contact us in comments and it will be on the next edition and site Lets get to it

Smallworlds is a good place to hang and play but warning you have to be over a certian age to play but its a free game play on the internet NO DOWNLOAD! runs with the internet i think its good but i recommend ages over 18! so if you a kid and wont to test it out just sign up over a age Free to sign up but you get beter features for a membership The currency is gold and best EVER!!!!!! I LOVE IT and its a 24/7 i recommend signing up i have been thinking on new ones So comment below which i should review next!

also added to this Ok so plz enjoy cp over the week and hAVE a great week end bye!!!!


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