101 days Is full going?Yes or no

Today were going to do a flip side to what club penguin said it will be diffrent is 101 days going yes or no! find out next

Is club penguin 101 days so fun or not!

Todays 101 day fun is cacth the big fish in the ice fishing game but the activites are in the club penguin times news so look for that and well get started so is 101 days of fun. fun? look for all the activites plus the non activites offline after this picture your answer!!!!!!


But before we answer you We wont you to summit stuff like above sweet nice drawing from a club penguin designer there best one they have made it but if you wont to send it to me in a comment for this send in a comment but if you wont it for real Click this link http://support.clubpenguin.com/fanart/index.php

so back to are recent thing So is 101 days really fun Clubpenguin responded to me saying it will get funner Normally schools go to 180 days and (TOMARROWS MY LAST DAY from duenick) but after a couple days it will get funner more STUFF!!!!!! So go have some fun!!!

Dont remmber everybody this will be the last and final week of the dojo ingloo contest the winners will be annouced like i said on june 18th of the club penguin times


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