New toys!!!!

Hey people soon club penguin will add more toys to its line up but next were in to that story im out of School were talking about that at the end of this story club penguin first remmber that now lets get to it!!!

Toys are Coming again

hey everybody today new toys are commign the title sounds like a event but comming in mid june heres what comming


but in this picture thease toys are in it reconize it dont read this part Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, or Squidzoid i hope you notice Big people comming soon but this will be in the added opf series 3 of the toys.

Next in this news back to it all the toy book for were the codes you summit you can get coins and more stuff will reupdate on June 15 one of my busyest days of the year but bad nEws with the toys they will be in the folowing usa stores really soon in the mid june so keep checking out the the toys r us i found them there to!! but they well be at thease stores Toys’R’Us Stores, Disney Parks, and Disney Stores and disney online store but bad news for the uk alsturila as shipping is bad and forever but it will come in the late summer


clubpenguintrackers summer of fun will Kick off Today as it goes till the hot time of year Augest  20th so keep looking for partys cause i herd we Have alot PLANED FOR YOU EVEN more i cant tell more check in everyday its comming soon


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