next in are news were going to get a pin yes you get to vote for this next well tell you how and when well tell you are answers all next Plus After this Adam lambert update And a sneek peek of fridays Review on a site all today!  ALSO SUMMER WITH CLUBPENGUINTRACKER!!!! a new email we have for you to talk on!

Vote NOW!!!

for the first time you get to vote for you own pin club penguin realsed a new catlog and people written in saying i wont more and more of this this day and blue fit right i belive  but heres your pin choices vote below or tell me your answer but heres the choices sorry not in the color version


And remmber TO vote cause on friday well tell you what you voted for If you wont to tell us if you wont The 1st pin the 2nd pin and or the 3rd Answer this poll well tell you on friday as well as are review

resealts are on friday all people vote now!!!! next in the news a peek on fridays review No answer is given about the site tune in Plus stick around cause next are email are new is reviled

Friday sneek peek

hey to tell you how great this site is they wonted me to show you a sneek peek a Logo picture look for it heres the picture guess what it is comments are given till thursday night

The logo cant be given due to the copyright law but i was avabile to bring this to u tell me what it is from

Server Status

Might not work! now next adam Lambert!

Adam lambert Telling rude stuff to fans!

to end this cast with the newsing were going to adam lambert look at thease off of

AS all herd on the site on 6/9/2009 adam lambert was called *** on the site heres a picture of  it all

Adam Lambert

Matthew Rolston for Rolling Stone

curretersy is given to the


HEY PEOple i got a new email is my email so email me there free thx have a great day


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