Reviewd By you Is here On clubpenguintracker

hey as tomarrows are review day i got alot of sites i have been on and i have 2 weeks of reviews but soon in the summer I will review 2 a week so i hope you like that to the news

Reviewd by you is on the blog now

i hope you all like this part because reviewd by you is now out of the newspaper WHOA!! also adding to are summer fun this here is this weeks reviewd by you Remmber only by you

Ever have a favorite party you just don’t want to end? That’s how I felt about the Water Party! Club Penguin can make parties into anything! I remember how that crab broke the glass, allowing water onto the island. Penguins didn’t know what to do! So, we got a hose, a couple of inflatable animals, and we started a water party! Wow!
-Vendiagram1 (Rights go to the clubpenguin whats new for this)

HERES HIS PICTURE waterparty1.jpgADDED TO it all

i hope you enjoy it

but i would liek to tell you to look in the coffee shop upstairs for are partys and a new catlog is comming look for it your New Questin to answer for the Reviewd by you is

Your new question: to tell us your favritoe Adventure on club penguin you can now answer it on this blog or answer it on whats new Thats how your now answering it will still come out every friday

Tech diffcultys

Sorry im not bolding the title and sorry the stuff is in the bold Form! we messed up on the firefox were on Internet exploar is recommended were going to fix it soon


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