Adventure party &The pin you chose

Hey if you read earlyer i had the posting of are results and more and saying the new poll for the week end will be on here so you can vote here to so dont worry cause todays news is out look for it next


its thats time to party again so party with the adventure party Now out just came out this morning and I have done the hunt really Quick  but heres a Picture of what the forest looks like

Talks Softly to Parrot.jpg

members get the party room again as the non members get something they get a free hat the pin tracker is now avabile cause the new one is Out check are widgets its cool it might update have to keep checking it plz tell me if it works if it doesnt Plz comment Now next to your pin stuff maybee you voted right to on Yesterdays pin Poll

Pin Is voted

you voted for the pin and heres what you got on this sites voteing but your voteing Was rong as you chosen PIN C you voted on club penguin this pin

pinbb.jpgPIN B!




the pins comming soon but remmber the scavenger hunt prize is a back round will not go to the stores So go look at this site and more


hey this time im going to give more to the Party as in the last message so Vote now

VOTE NOW!!! now open closeing on monday of next week so start voteing now If you dont vote there will be no more polls this year so i suggest you plz vote This is a free thing we do to Tell us stuff on friday NOW TO ARE WEEKLY REVIEW


i hope you all like this cause i had to move over cause one Site doesnt like me no more (NOT A BOY FRIEND OR GIRL FRIEND)they sent me rude emails so lets go to the better one ourworld its so good

and you have to be over a age and wacth the languge but you get to be a watier and you get to be baker and a coffee dude but your a rocker thats there to But you just wont to buy stuff you got to level up you level up by the FLOW not money you will read alittle bit more when you sign up!!!! create your own carector no PROGRAM NEEDED online game this is the reviewing we do you!enjoy this review next one is comming but i hop;e you like the review to SPINEWORLD BUT WAIT ITS COMMING TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK LOOK FOR IT


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