TOYS TOYS TOYS and 101 fun days

Hey people welcome back its monday lets get to it

Toys toys toys!

more toys are comming to club penguin heres a great picture to it all I got 2 pictures to show you when im talkign about this


snow tracker is in it as well

Are sedcond picture to show dont forget are puffles cause here are new ones this will be in the usa About the picture about will be in the Usa Toys r us and then will go to uk Same for this picture below


remmber after were done posting i will go to the Poll results Nice puffles

101 days Updateing!

hey i havent talked about 101 days of fun latley so lets go to 101 days of fun but lets bring the fun cause people already getting ready for todays 101 days fun

UP UP and AWAY!.jpg

Also new to add if club penguin sees your doing them you will get 1001 cOINS TO YOUR ACCONT WITHOUT TELLING YOU so plz start Doing them member or non member included so start playing and earn them Well see you next time


HEY its time for thouse Poll results i let you do part of 101 days to on here but heres the results REMMBER VOTE FOR YOU POLLS



this voting heres are week ONE VOTE TO HELp us


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