Btter igloos are out Lets see how you did plus are winners are finally announed&A major recall That i wish dint happen all inside

hey people i got the major recall comming after this story so if you like laughing here the report at the end lets get to that thow

Better ingloos catlog

hey people sorry for this late post but yesterday no news was on club penguin but since this is finally aired on club penguin lets get to it

the dojo contest winners are the folo0wing great job to all those winners here they are

Blue Ise


Freeze the 1


And much more we cant post them all cause that kills space but i reviled them all you get 25,000 check to see if you name was on the club penguin newspaper in the game there at the area so yeh But i got more here the search for the new pin which if you dont know were its at look at are pin tracker Its at the light house so i hope all know its there but look at this picture

The Pin.jpg

that all we can tell right now but look next for The recall its funny

Recall added to the list

hey people i know you herd of stuff with people having penauts then recall yeh but this time its something called Nestley Bucket frozen Cookie badder good Stuff but the only way to get sick is to eat it raw so eat it the right way but its not on the store Sehelfs Till they fix it

This is duenick signing out lol ALSO CHECK THIS SITE OUT


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