Upcoming events to look for&Fathers Day&SUMMER!!!!

Hey people its sunday its fathers day so happy birthday i say it and im at my fathers house celbrateing to so dont feel Sad if you missed it cause today is are first day of summer of 2009 at the end of this story were going to be adding~!!

Upcomming cp events

i know your all so having fun with there 101 days of fun but lets bring you to some fun events takeing place no new name is added its sad that were in are 3rd week of fun but when this Starts were going to have are trackers well tracking it


as the team has been working around the clock on this were to waiting for some party fun celbrateing 2 events happening on 1 day Fathers day and summer starting but lets crack it down for you

Party! not alot but a major music is comming (MIGHT BE THE MUSIC JAM AGAIN!!!!!!)

The catlog at the stage plus the rubys Stage apperance is hiting stage to

More new wigs catlogs and awsome ingloo music plus fruniture

More upgrades for the members with the dj game

NEW ROOMS!!!!! constuctuions going to take place no date is annoced we will folow this Story throw the day

Special Guest comming!!! NO NAME is told to us were continueing this story as wellbut i got something to tell you hang out with a real Ninja game Camp so keep looking around in this site and in more


hey people the summer days have finally begin at 2:00 or to 1:30 or 2:30 am est this morning So i bet if your getting heat Just check the date it will tell you

Until the hot temps get hotter Swim shout and dance out


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