Hey people its thursday yay are reviewd by you really BY YOU!!!!!!!!!! but lets get to it all The new Anoying Talk you hear from tv News like Fox to tv commercails we got todays for you!!!!! Lets get to it

Another review

Puffyjc said:
My favorite music in Club Penguin has to be the music played at Music Jam 08.From pop to hip-hop, there was music for everyone. I had a great time playing with my all-time favorite band, The Penguin Band and taking center stage and pretending I was actually in a band! We also made our own music with DJ3K,a game launched for the party, which was also very cool.
Duenick wrighights :

I love the music jam and i recommend it to come back it rocked!!!!!!  know look at are music jam picture


now but this weeks is What’s your favorite part of training to be a ninja?
Answer to mine lol my favirote momment to this is to be gaining belts playing other people

Remmber to be on this reviewd by you check whats new and keep it between 50 to 75 words each 1 will be picked each week Now to the Anoying secetion you will like!

Anoying DAY 1!

welcome to rockhoppnews New section for this i havent been back since a couple going under Working on my Website comming soon just for this site no realse date is added but lets Go to are anoying commercail or on the news

Todays is on the news!!!!!!!

South carolina govener Has went off for 5 days with out telling nobody even his wife Kids People that are inportant and came back lieing to People this is todays Anoyer there one comming tomarrow


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