Game updates plus are new ANOYING story that you might herd

Hey people after this a new anoyign story you might of herd in the past 24 hrs and its getting aired on here also comming NEXT WEEK ALL COMMENTS WILL BE AIRED ON THIS!!!! NO SPAM COMMENTS AND NO BAD ones are being added! but lets get to the real stuff


music music music you mgiht herd latliy but club penguins music is much better as the game updates the Dj3k First timmly updates And look at the night club updateing WITH IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take a great look at this new update Also after the picture you buddys the puffles!!!


Ok people the puffles are in this edition to this posting Yellow is in this update so look at yellow of course members and non will get to play as well but members get alot of benfits Now to a diffrent subject

Look at the skiing hill cause fireworks ARE COMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take a look for 4th of july fireworks boom and Were going to have all you firework comments added to this thorugh AUGEST ALSo happening that day are contry contest the winners Will get on the homepages Name!!! for 1 week but your contry will get that so start viewing now to anoying part.


hey everbody its day 2 and the sad story is that Micheal jackson died yesterday at 3:30 or 3:00 Calofrnia Time and i herd people have herd and kept hearing it on song holding you ear on the news and Radiop for the first time he sang ABC good song Thats this weekends anoying part of the day and more will come soon rembber the comments NO SPAMS all spamms will not get read after tomarrow but i check them to see if my ocmment system messed up again so i wqill delated them but it will still count look at the counter saying that im duenick signing out


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