Hey people we dont have alot on are new Anoying but i will find it from recentlynews and i will get to the ninja news


History is todays story but not Real history  but sensi is going to pop up in the innja hide out(FOR NINJAS ONLY)so lets show you it all do you remmber this


if you dont belive it it was in the Hallween 2008 but before he came there was some nastey storms (BOOM)if you remmber that hallween is when cp opend thats when there anversiry but the Project got failed to make the ninja hide out due to a bad snow fall but you all helped buying snow jack hammers and in the Inside of the dojo but lets show you cause a little figure poped up out of no were


but were you there when this figure poped up(my answer is below)

My answer is yes i was there fulliey but a couple weeks lator he was called Sensi.

but in the good news fireworks are now up for the 4th of july so go party i will be on the spanish server Or any server so look around


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