More ninja and PLay annoucments &A new reviewd by you

Hey people before i start i got to say thx for viewing its really nice3 and supportive and the contest is Ending 2 days Name will be addede when we add so keep viewing on the 4th of july Its added on sunday morning So look for it now to it


yes today we got plans and more for club penguin but lets go to are weekly whats new

and its ninja to

Tweety Girl3 said:
My favorite part of training to be a Ninja is playing Card Jitsu! Its so fun to play with the other penguins. Just think; you could be playing Card Jitsu with people all around the World!! How cool is that, right?

as always were having the picture after


Good story now to are annouments the stage is a big one a new play is comming soon to cp Ideas scripts and more And the swicthbox 3000 so this weeks new Questin for the reviewd by you is

What’s your favorite thing to do at the Stage?
mine is to meet alot of people and renact the play!

50 TO 75 words is needed and if you when it will be on this


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