2 news Storeys And fourth of july MommentsAnd new today &BREAKING CPTRACKER NEWS!!!!

hey people ass we do know we do are lastest storys at the end but we got 4 things to share firework momments and i breaking news about the contest delay and some more reasons!!!!! now lets get to it all once more


are you a ninja yeh and love the calogs that Sensei broght but im sure you like the new outfit im sure of that but take a look!!!


sensei wasnt there when they did it also there is some comments about why he dint Go to the spanish servers? he dint have the time to make it there he will try to make it to there in a feature turn around!!!!!!!!

Music jam my fav

are sedcond story i love and keept emailing cp about was music jam!!!!!!! if you werre on cp last year you would of know that it had alot of Awsome music and some rare people but the music for cp band will be there but since it was so popular i wasnt the only responder heres wat Josh said

I Really wont this party to come back it rocked out last year

thx josh for the Emailed comment


but this year there going to rock it off during july 17th thourhg july 26 so grab friends make priotices and Eat cake!!!!!!!


hey people the contest is about the be fixed sorry it dint update we ran into some bugs!!!!but it will be up to date manually right now thx for the patinces and keep viewing we might have another one comming up i will keep you posted


fireworks were something big!!! i din t shoot none off but i did go see some they were awsome i dint have time for a picture cause my camera wouldnt work! on the BOOM CRACKLE!yeh its true the picture about broken the picture blurey thats all i got to say AND SUMMIT WHAT YUOU DID BELOW WELL SHARE THEM TODAY!!!


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