Hey people i updated the people viewing count and thx for all thats viewing but now since you have done that im going to open a page soon on the Top called ___________ its going to be named comming up but first MUSIC JAM!2009!


whoaa its finally here and much better if your a member you goign backstage but memb ers are goign to be avabile to pick up vip passes at the shop and the snow forts that pass will give you to all member places take a look at fun

Blog Pic[1].jpg

but to add on to this its going to be a New ingloo catlog so dont forget to check that out!!!!the catlog is music jam stuff so yeh we hope you have a great time and will see you monday morning or any day this weekend i will be on cp duenick600 server:mammoth anytime below 9:00 pm est and 9 am est thAts all for now


u wont to help us as we said were going to need some support on the CLOSED DUE TO UPGRADEING P-AGE! WICTH IS NOW CALLED WE NEED HELP

SO wont to help yeh were poping a poll up the choices are goign to be wat we create next for the view the 1st one


2ND is a make a facebook

3rd is to make a youtube vote now!!! it will be created before augest 1st! so vote now


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