Hey peopel like i been saying music jam rocks so view band stuff at look for those videos! you might be in them but for the 2nd time a review! by you and a anual cp review

review BY YOU!

a review by you is added and a color competetion is added as well we got a own review you summited into us  thats after cps but lets take a look at wat you asked

Do you like the Lavender, Maroon, or Aqua? And why?
that answer is

Coolman said:
i like…ALL OF THEM its so hard to choose. I like aqua cuz i love the color blue. I like Maroon cuz its a fun bright color! And last but not least i like Lavender because it is a summer color and it is summer! U rock cp!!!!!!!! Untill then waddle on!
but dotn forget that color contest starts tomarrow!


now this weeks REVIEWD BY YOU SENT IN TO US! well like you to shout out in are comment box below and are Questin for this week is Did you liek the music jam plz keep it short! now aere review by you summited

I liked to see alto at the music jam i liked the music last year it wass so awsome!

Owner rights

yes good answer and thx for righting ur are 2nd one

yes this is all happending BUT CPS


We hope you’re loving the Music Jam and we’d love to know what your favorite party area is – and why?


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