Clubpenguin AIR!

CLUBPENGUIN FINALLY HIT THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!! the member bllon rocks i see alot of people on it trying to be a driver


CLUBPENGUIN is now in the air but it started today festival of flight STARTED and mmebers get a once and a life time to go on the air to the tallest area on clubpenguin were gonna bump a picture today if possible~~i will but stay tooned and also its funny wacthing peopel throw the snoballs onthe main islands  on the iceburg~

let me know also  clubpenguin support has gave chances to play your instments in the lighthouse so go play or rock out


5 Responses to Clubpenguin AIR!

  1. Gary the Gadget Guy says:

    Good information! Try tracking me! Here is a clue. I do not like crowds. Good luck!

    im a track you but your offline

  2. bloobleeblop says:

    omg!!! gary just posted!! gary!! yay!!


  3. bloobleeblop says:

    lol peeps


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