party is up a bit longer (and a play!)

hey people summer is almost over for alot of kids as the schools open house dont worry were al lsad its comming but continue to check us out as were gonna post the funnys kids in each school around the nation Yehs i got it i wont post it due to its illgel with this im sorry but school is comnming up Augest 25th for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


u all have been calling clubpenguin emaailing and ETC now clubpenguin wonts to give back so dont pack those jetpacks and propperller caps not yet the party was gonna end this morning but nope Augest 18th it ended but they extended it to augest 20th open house night



SO YOU hope you got a good partty i love the party as well and guess what the stage is new at the 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yyayayayayayayyayayaayyayayay anyways til lhair goes out and i fall over This is Duenick

SIgning out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


2 Responses to party is up a bit longer (and a play!)

  1. aubrey=) says:

    uhhhh i love this website??? i really dont know what to say. hahaha=)

    GOOd post i like this site to im adding more

  2. bluenev1 says:

    this site is the best u should adverise to get more views

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