New penguin style and rockhopper picture

Hey everybody Welcome back to this Good monday lol lets look at todays news its cool lets start with yesterdays news


Yes its true welcome back to this update yes heres were he will be at if you wont to attend this event Which i will be there


I cant wait can you post below The Polls todaY are closed till people do vote Thx for leting it become in whos care about this lets get to this days news

New catlog!!!

Yes its a new catlog to buy stuff for your penguin its april 27  Medivel Will be in this catlog of Friday yes it will be cause we need clothes for this party and if you were there last year you will see some last year heres a demo picture you see there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


remmber to comment below of this picture medieval hair.jpg

yes comment below To tell us if you wont to have more pictures Thxd for joining us and we will so check you Tomarrow bye have a good monday


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